“The Build – Episode 12”

In Episode 12 of our Research and Development Hub series, we’ve reached an exciting milestone – our gym is now fully illuminated, signalling that we’re almost ready for “lights, camera, action!” as we are only a few weeks away from completion.

The lighting we have installed is the RGB system. Each RGB uses three individual LED`s which gives greater flexibility in customisation of the colour modes. Mixing all 250 shades available from each base element can display over 16 million combinations, contributing to the aesthetic of the overall gym.

We have also installed 2, 85” TV’s to the feature wall in the Gym area and 50” screens to the café and reception area.

This progress marks a significant point in our journey, shedding light on the advancements and innovations our prestigious hub promises to bring.

Keep an eye out for our next episode where the kit installation will be taking centre stage!