Our latest app enhancements!

The Pulse Fitness production team have been hard at work developing our TRAKK App to ensure an engaging experience for all our users.

We heard from Production Director, Dave Johnson, on the latest developments:

“Our ongoing collaboration between Pulse Fitness’ internal UX/UI design expert and the talented app development team is at the heart of our latest app enhancements.

With every update, we aim to refine both its functionality and design, ensuring an intuitive and engaging experience for our users. It’s through this precise coordination — where creative design meets technical execution — that we’re able to bring our shared vision to life.

This teamwork not only symbolises our commitment to innovation but also guarantees our TRAKK ecosystem remains at the forefront of fitness technology, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.

Rest assured, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, making your experience with our app better with each update.”

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