Attention Gym Owners! Elevate member satisfaction and retention with TRAKK, a cutting-edge fitness digital ecosystem tailored for your facility.

Comprehensive Member Insights: TRAKK’s centralised database captures every aspect of your members’ fitness journey, internal and external activities, workout compliance and more. Provide personalised experiences that keep members coming back.

Boost Member Retention: TRAKK is more than data; it’s a commitment to community. Foster member engagement, motivation, and long-term loyalty with our innovative approach to fitness tracking.

Effortless Workout Tracking: Simplify the member experience! With TRAKK members can seamlessly scan their wristbands/cards/QR to record reps and sets. Make progress tangible, enhancing the workout journey.

Anywhere, Anytime Access: TRAKK’s mobile and desktop software integration ensures members have their fitness data at their fingertips. Empower them to set new goals and stay connected beyond the gym walls.

Elevate your facility with TRAKK – the ultimate member-focused digital solution from Pulse Fitness!