We heard from Cross-Trainer on his top fitness tips for our Pulse Fitness community!

1. FUEL FOR YOUR SESSIONS: If you are under fuelled for a session, you’re not going to bring your best performance and therefore you’re going to get less adaptation and stop seeing progress!

2. PLAN: Turning up to a session with no plan on what you want to do and achieve can negatively impact the productivity and success of that session.  Maximise the success of your sessions and see results by having a plan!

3. CONSISTENCY: Achieving your fitness goals is not a quick fix.  It requires consistency, determination and commitment.  Yes, it will be tough at times, but you should start to enjoy the process and it feels great when you start seeing results.

4. CARDIO FOR ENJOYMENT: I know fitting in cardio can be boring or something you maybe don’t look forward to.  So, choose something you enjoy!  Whether that’s dancing around your house to your favourite songs or joining a fitness class like jiu-jitsu to try something new – there is something for everyone!