Transform your gym’s member experience with Pulse’s Digital Ecosystem innovative Personal Training to Member feature! Our advanced tool seamlessly connects members with their personal trainers, enhancing their workout experience and providing tailor-made guidance.

Key features include:

Effortless Onboarding
Installs software seamlessly, fetching member details from the front-of-house system.

Collaborative Program Building
Works with your members to create and evolve their personalised workout program.

Virtual Workout Delivery
Access your members workouts with a click, delivered directly from your PT through our platform.

Smart Workout Tracking
Automatically tracks attendance and performance, with flexibility to adjust workouts as needed.

Real-time Progress Updates
Members stay motivated with colour-coded feedback, green for progress, red for areas needing attention.

Digital Workout Library
Allows your member to explore a diverse digital workout library tailored to their unique workout programs.

Equipment Integration for Precision
Give your members the personal guidance they may need, including setup
and weight recommendations, delivered straight from one of your specialised PTs.

Elevate your gym’s fitness journey and boost your member retention today.