The days of simply going to the gym, completing your workout and embracing the post-exercise endorphins are long gone. Now, fitness fans are enthralled by data, stats and insights that reveal just how well our bodies are performing; and with new data-tracking technologies being launched each month, even the most miniscule of health metrics can be tracked.

While sceptics may argue that obsessing over numbers takes away from the main goals of exercise, there are many advocates for this new-age of data-tracked fitness. Experts in the sector note that the process of tracking and logging our workouts can be hugely valuable to all our overall wellbeing, not just the 60 or so minutes that we are breaking a sweat in the gym. Instead, regularly monitoring the status of our health metrics provides us with motivation to do that bit more in areas of our life to improve our health, whether that be healthier meal options, increasing our step count or improving our sleep hygiene – after all, what gets measured gets done.

With the number of people tracking their exercise habits growing year on year, there is a clear demand for platforms that make this process as simple and coherent across gym equipment as possible. At Pulse we’ve done just that. TRAKK, the connected fitness app from Pulse now has thousands of users that regularly track, log and monitor their workouts and fitness journeys both in and out of the gym via the platform.

Yet, as the digital world evolves so must we. That’s why this year Pulse is investing more into the development of TRAKK, with new teams dedicated to making it a platform that reflects the needs of its users. In the months ahead, the team will be launching new features to streamline the user experience while providing operators with deeper insights into member activity. We look forward to our partners experiencing and engaging with the new TRAKK features in 2023.