This Spring, the UK government announced the end of all Covid-19 related restrictions in the UK. This meant the end of gyms and clubs having to enforce mandatory mask wearing in communal spaces and social distancing in and around the facilities, inviting a bigger sense of community back into fitness.

As a result of gyms reverting back to pre-pandemic ways, those operators that have battled through the last 2 years of uncertainty are now looking towards the future with optimistic expansion plans. One example of this is Pure Gym, who recently announced its plans to open an additional 700-900 Gyms in the UK by 2028. Its exciting expansion plan announcement came on the back of its 160,000 member gain in the initial months of 2022.

Meanwhile, Anytime Fitness, also announced they too would be expanding this year by adding a further 20 UK sites to its portfolio. The recently released European Health and Fitness Market Report form Deloitte further confirmed that those making optimistic plans to expand are right to do so; revealing that the number of gym members in Europe increased by 1 million during 2021.

However, while the fitness industry is facing an expansion frenzy, the same can’t be said for UK retailers with many continuing to shut-up shop and move online. The Local Data Company predicted that 14 per cent of retail spaces will remain empty in the first half of the year. Yet the high street’s loss is the fitness industries gain as many operators look to capitalise on these prime locations and cheaper rents by moving into empty retail spaces.

Pulse are grateful to be in the position to be able to respond to the expanding market by providing a range of products and services for expanding sites and new start-ups. You can read more about the newly launched Pulse Resale in this newsletter.

To ensure Pulse is fully equipped to continue to respond to the growing industry demand, we are also expanding our team. The last few months have seen us welcome brand new faces to all areas of our team from sales to operations. Each new appointment brings new skills, expertise and industry knowledge, helping us to continue to provide a market leading offering.