Each year, new technologies simplify another area of our lives.  So much so, most everyday activities can now be tracked or controlled via some form of technology or software, and the fitness industry is taking note.

Many health and fitness brands have taken the leap into the metaverse to show how we can now work out from any location, at any time. Brands such as Les Mills have shown how the world of fitness and technology can join forces, by offering customers a chance to workout anywhere in the world, real or otherwise, through a VR headset.

VR headsets aren’t the only wearables that are rapidly increasing in popularity.  As we all look for a way to track our steps, monitor our heart rate or count the calories we’ve burned, demand for other fitness wearables has grown exponentially.  The market is set to be worth a staggering $265 billion by 2026. With brands such a Mojo vision developing smart tech contact lenses and scientist researching wearable skin-embedded sensors – the possibilities seem endless for this market.

Fitness apps are also a great way for users to track their activity while tapping into on-demand workouts.  Accelerated by the pandemic and the temporary closure of gyms, over 350 million people were using some form of fitness app in 2021, and the sector is expected to be worth $16 billion this year.

As innovators in fitness ourselves, Pulse has developed its own apps and software services to ensure users can continue to concentrate on hitting their fitness goals.  This month marks one year since Pulse launched its connected fitness app, TRAKK.  With TRAKK users can tap into ready-made workout plans, track their sessions and log their results.  Since launch, over 15,000 users have downloaded the app to elevate their workouts to the next level.

Alongside updating TRAKK with new features, Pulse also regularly enhances its equipment to reflect the latest technological developments.  The latest range of Pulse Fitness equipment comes complete with innovative training partner consoles, where users can tap into apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Facebook while working out.

As the industry continues to grow in line with each new and exciting technological development, we’re excited to see what’s next for the future of fitness.