In July 2022, we welcomed new UK Digital Sales Specialist, Dom Rzadowski to the Pulse Fitness team. Dom brought with him a wealth of industry expertise gained from almost 20 years working in the health and fitness sector, ready to take the TRAKK offering to its next level.

What have you been up to in your first months at Pulse Fitness?
Since starting at Pulse last Summer, I have been busy getting to know the TRAKK digital solution from both a customer and operator point of view. I assessed the current TRAKK development as well as existing onboarding and implementation process. Then, I took all that information and proposed improvements which I believe will make a big impact on the member experience and operator business. The results are already attracting more customers to the TRAKK platform. Alongside this, I also took time to reach out to every operator that has invested in TRAKK since it launched in 2021 and created a customer specific roadmap with personalised KPIs for each, clearly highlighting the impact TRAKK will have on ROI.

What are your plans for TRAKK in 2023 and beyond?
Now that we have the foundations in place, this year we will be focusing on a big project to start moving TRAKK completely into the cloud. This will transform the backend of the system and bring us closer to becoming the best available complete digital solution in fitness industry.

What new features will be coming to TRAKK this year and how will these benefit both members and operators?
New features include:

  • New pre-made workout plans – Operators who struggle to support members with a workout plan in face-to-face fitness appointments or who just want to add value to their offering will have the ability to provide members with pre-made workout plans. Members will also have greater training options right under their finger tips. We already allow members to create their own workouts and staff to prescribe workouts plans.
  • Seamlessly onboarding members onto TRAKK – TRAKK digital ecosystem is all about simplicity for operators and seamless onboarding for members. We understand that with reduced staffing on gym floors there is more need for automated recognition of new members and automated account creation. We are bringing exactly that.
  • New exercises – We are adding over 200 more exercises to the library to give fitness staff more choice when prescribing workout plans and members more variety to record or create their own.
  • Easier way to bring class booking system to TRAKK app – Many operators use their own class booking system. We don`t want to replace that. We want to embrace that in the TRAKK app and allow members to always have one place to go to for everything.
    What initiatives do you have planned to increase the uptake of TRAKK? Both by members and by operators?
  • More emphasis on connected equipment and digital ecosystem benefits for operators. More case studies and best practice examples.
  • Collaboration with Tanita EU. We both have the same beliefs when it comes to body composition analysis being a vital link in member motivation and accountability. TRAKK ecosystem supports members in achieving their goals through workout plans, exercise tracking and more. The journey starts at the point of body composition analysis testing where the goal is identified. We provide some great deals for operators investing into TRAKK, to also invest in Tanita. Improved Tanita readings on the TRAKK app combined with dedicated Tanita/TRAKK branding have received great feedback from the operators that have had this rolled out in their facilities so far. A great example of this is Walsall Council. The Council invested into TRAKK to ensure a complete digital ecosystem for the facility, with Tanita being an integrated part of that ecosystem and they have seen a fantastic uptake from members with over 450 readings performed in the last 30 days alone.