During a summer of incredible sporting feats, the prevalence of health and fitness is stronger than ever. Simone Biles’ triumphant return to gymnastics at the U.S. Classic is an inspiring reminder that taking time to prioritise mental health and wellbeing could be the missing piece to tackling and smashing your health and fitness goals.

As the trend of wearable technology and digital solutions continues to prevail throughout the entire fitness industry, we are proud of the continued developments to improve our app, TRAKK, which delivers a fully-connected ecosystem to gym operators. Since being introduced to over 165 operators across the UK, we have been dedicated to evolving the offering to cater to the ever-changing needs of gymgoers. As the ultimate personal training tool, TRAKK is constantly being improved to enhance the user experience, from fitness plans that focus on specific user goals to body composition analysis features.

The Pulse Fitness team has had a busy year transforming a number of leisure centres across the UK, developing the spaces into key community hubs for residents to work on their fitness goals. With the introduction of TRAKK and console technology to many of these centres, more operators than ever are embracing the technological evolution to bring a premium fitness experience to the local community.

We are looking ahead to the rest of 2023 with optimism, and are excited to showcase our ongoing work with industry partners.

Best wishes,
Chris Johnson, MD