Now more than ever, operators are under immense pressure to constantly evolve their offering to meet consumer demand and offer technologically advanced fitness solutions.

In response to the increasing desire for gamified workouts, Pulse Fitness is committed to consistently upgrading its software to provide interactive elements to users’ exercise regimes. The Pulse Fitness console technology available on select Cardio and Strength equipment has been developed by experts to provide a premium fitness experience. The new and improved cardio console series 6 & 8 will deliver a premium workout experience to those looking to maximise their cardiovascular health.

Alongside this, the new strength console series 8 will create an engaging workout experience to help members achieve their fitness goals. Gone are the days of uncertainty during workouts – our upgraded software offers instructional demo videos guided by industry experts. With just a tap on the screen’s help button before you start your workout, gymgoers can access a wealth of knowledge about correct machine adjustments, optimal body positioning, and technique.

This means your members can approach each exercise with confidence, knowing they’re maximising their efforts and minimising the risk of injury. The integrated touchscreens offer the ability to track reps, sets, and tempo in real-time. This invaluable data allows individuals to fine-tune their workout, ensuring they’re hitting their targets and progressing toward their fitness goals.

This innovative, state-of-the-art technology captures comprehensive data for every set, providing detailed post-workout reviews which become a roadmap to improvement, empowering members to make informed decisions for their future sessions.