Premium Shoulder Press (Dependent Arm)

A new entrant to the range, is the upgraded Classic Shoulder Press which has been given the premium touch with the addition of the training partner console, while still being accessibly priced.  Now users of any fitness ability can tap into readymade workout plans or scroll social media via the dedicated screen, all while working out.

The Pulse Fitness Premium Shoulder Press machine has been expertly crafted to be an incredibly safe and effective way of targeting the shoulders and triceps.

As with all Pulse Fitness equipment, comfort while operating the machine is key.  For this reason, the Premium Shoulder Press comes complete with long-lasting and easy-to-clean upholstered support pads.  The material has been designed to be resistant to everyday, gym wear and tear, meaning users can comfortably complete their workouts.

Club Line Hip Thrust

The Pulse Fitness Club Line Hip Thrust machine will give members the ultimate glute workout.  This easy-to-use piece of equipment uses advanced biomechanics to maximise activation of both the glutes and hamstrings, mimicking the use of a barbell hip thrust without the discomfort or difficulty.

As with all Pulse Fitness’ market-leading equipment, the Hip Thrust machine has been constructed using high-quality materials, meaning it will stay sturdy and stable while helping users get stronger.

‘We strive to improve and enhance our Pulse Fitness equipment ranges with each new addition, whilst ensuring that each piece is crafted with the same quality and performance in mind.  Each product goes through an extensive testing process before being given the final seal of approval and added to the range for customers to rent or purchase.’

Dave Johnson, Production Director