Sports Aberdeen

In August, Pulse Fitness completed another spectacular install project, this time for Sport Aberdeen, Northfield.

The team helped give this much-loved centre an upgrade, including fully kitting out its new gym and workout studio with equipment from across the Pulse Fitness range.  The install was complete with brand new changing rooms for the centre’s existing swimming pool, ready for the local community to enjoy.

University of East London

This summer, Pulse had the honour of transforming the University of East London’s gym into an up-to-date, fully-equipped fitness space for students and local residents to enjoy.  The space, which hasn’t had an upgrade in over a decade, is now home to Pulse’s range of cardiovascular and strength equipment, as well as functional accessories, including free weights, benches and gym storage.

The project was complete with the building of a new virtual cycling studio on the gym floor and the installation of University of East London branding throughout.