10.0kg (Black) Rubber Covered Dumbbell

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10.0kg (Black) Rubber Covered Dumbbell

Club Line Rubber Covered Dumbbells with Conical Handgrips (in a Pair)
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Incline Dumbbell Bench Press (Example of Use)

Sit on an incline bench and grab a dumbbell in either hand and rest them on the ends of your legs.

Fall backwards so your lying flat on the bench with your shoulders pinned back.

Bright the dumbbells straight upwards with your arms positioned above your chest.

Slowly lower the dumbbells and touch your chest with a slight pause.

Maintain your shoulder position and push the dumbbells back upwards to form a locked arm like your original position.

Maintain a smooth, controlled motion throughout exercise.

Exhale during lifting movement, inhale whilst returning to the start position.

Do not hold your breath.