(Selectorised) Hip Thrust

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(Selectorised) Hip Thrust

Dual Use Hip Thrust 1x68kg Weight Stack Tower in Sand Black with Black Upholstery

Frame: Sand Black
Mouldings: Black

Slate Black / Midnight (Single Black Stitching)

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Advanced biomechanics maximise activation of both the glutes and hamstrings, mimicking bar hip thrusting without the difficulty or discomfort of using free weights.

The 510H Hip Thrust is a on-trend piece of fitness equipment. It’s a strong and versatile addition to any club or full commercial gym environment. Both suitable for athletes or gym-goers alike, this machine combines supreme comfort with incredible adjustability, aimed at providing the ultimate glute workout. All without taking up lots of valuable floor space.

The Hip Thrust’s has a walk through style Pelvic Pad mechanism that can be adjusted to suit a wide range of Users. Its construction is from heavy-gauge steel section, this ensures both stability and the ability to endure the most vigorous of workouts.

The weight stack tower and pulleys are fully enclosed, and each machine comes with a personal storage facility.


161.6cm / 63-5/8″
157.7cm / 62-1/16″
126cm / 49-5/8″

225kg / 496lbs.
Weight Stack Plates – Standard Total Weight
68kg / 150lbs.
Maximum User Weight
180kg / 397lbs.


Frame Construction
All Pulse Fitness products are constructed from durable 3mm (11 gauge) steel that is designed to give exceptional structural integrity and stability even during the most vigorous workout.
Weight Stack Tower – Guarding
The weight stack tower is fully enclosed.
Frame Protection
Once welded, the frames are treated against corrosion by being grit blasted and zinc pre-treated (for guaranteed durability). They are furnace baked, heat-cured and electrostatically epoxy powdered (which ensures maximum adhesion). This gives them a tough, corrosive-resistant and easy to clean finish, offering unbeatable reliability and longevity.

Fully Enclosed Weight Stack Tower / Magnetic and Tethered Weight Stack Pin / Variable Increment Weight Plates / Guide Rods
The Dual Strength Stations provide users with a low starting weight and yet still have the capacity of a full weight plate range. This means users can build up their workout gradually, whilst the equipment still accommodates the widest possible user group.
The weight stack tower is completely covered to provide the best possible user safety experience, protecting bystanders from accidental contact with a moving weight plate. The front facing shroud is full-length, with a 90mm (3-1/2″) wide slot, giving access to the 10mm (3/8″) diameter, weight stack pin. The magnetic weight stack pin assures positive locking into the weight plates and is secured to the weight stack via a plastic-coated tether cable. The pin cannot be removed from the machine. The weight stack pin is colour-coded for easy identification.
The cast and machined solid-steel weight plates are 25mm thick, 4.5kg (10lbs) and 9.1kg (20lbs) sizes, with precision fitted self-lubricating nylon bushes. This is to ensure smooth travel on the guide rods which are 19mm (3/4″) in diameter, made from steel, polished with corrosion-resistant chrome plating for a smooth operation.
The weight stack tower is so positioned to be accessible from a seated position wherever possible.
Weight Stack Suspension
Proven rubber bumper damping system.
Smooth Operation
Pulse Fitness strength products are renowned for their smoothness of operation. This results from our precision-engineered transmission system and weight stack tower assembly, which reduces the coefficient of friction and significantly cuts maintenance costs.
Cable Transmission
Preformed and braided stainless steel (302/304) aircraft cable, measures 4.8mm (3/16″) diameter, and is rated to over 1678kg (3700lbs) load. The 7×19 strand construction, lubricated, nylon-coated cable meets commercial and U.S. military specifications.
Enclosed Pulleys and Bearings
The pulleys come in two sizes, 11cm (4-5/16″) and 11.5cm (4-1/2″) diameter. They are constructed from nylon that is reinforced with fiberglass and designed with a deep V-grooved channel, to provide a secure cable seating.
The pulley’s bearings are ABEC-rated, precision ground and have sealed ball bearing races, for added durability and a ‘fluid’ smooth feel.
The pulley’s pivot axles are 25mm (1″) solid steel with oil-impregnated bronze bushings that allow for precise alignment and frictionless movement.
Hand-Grip Assembly
The hand-grips are formed from a slip-resistant, extruded rubber compound that is non-absorbing and wear-and-tear resistant. They are in diameter 33mm (1-1/4″). Encompassing the hand-grips are the machined, aluminium end-caps, these provide great durability.
Backrest Pad
The tilting Backrest Pad’s pivot point supports, are lined with linear bearings.
Range of Motion
All machines within the range have a full and natural range of motion, which increases flexibility and enhances the muscle’s ability to perform.
The injection-mouldings are durable, high impact thermoplastic housings, which seal internal components, protecting the vital parts against dust and sweat, and are easy to wipe clean.
All rubber coverings are durable and have a high impact resistance; they too, are easy to wipe clean.

Lever / Manual Adjustments
Manual adjustments are made simple via easy-grip, pull spring-loaded, lock-pins that are constructed using a hardened plunger and chrome plated ‘tube-in-tube’ adjustment assemblies.
Adjustable Pelvic Pad
The Pelvic Pad is a walk-through design. It has a gas assisted and quick-release handle, allowing the mechanism to swivel open allowing User access.
All points of axis and rotation are located so as to enable perfect alignment of body and machine – reducing the risk of training injury.
Angled/Adjustable Footplate
The gas-assisted, ratcheting non-slip surface footplate adjusts, allowing it to fit a wide range of users. It has a spring-loaded, push-to-release mechanism. Its lock-pin is constructed using a hardened plunger and chrome plated tube-in-tube adjustment assembly.

Ease of Use
Weight selection and all adjustments are simple and easy to make from the exercise position with all positions clearly indexed.
Graphic Information Panel
The graphic information panel is designed to show an easy-to-follow, simple step-by-step pictorial instructions. These illustrate the machines setup, the correct operating procedure, user start and finish positions and which identify which muscle groups will be trained during the work-out.

Upholstery Construction
The long-lasting, easy-to-clean upholstered support pad has a high resistance to: abrasion, ageing, bacteria, disinfectant, mildew, oil and stains. It is puncture, wear resistant and made from vinyl.  Producing a total pad thickness of 70mm (2-3/4″)
Personal Storage
At the top of the weight stack tower, there is provision for a users personal storage. The storage dish and bucket have enough room to deposit items like mobile phones, keys & even a water bottle.

Moulded Rubber Foot Pads
Designed to protect polished floors whilst enhancing safety. Moulded rubber foot pads are supplied as standard.


Choice of Upholstery
Reef (Single Dark-Blue Stitching)
Rosso Red (Single Mid-Red Stitching)
Slate Black / Midnight (Single Black Stitching)

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Package Length
Box 1 – 172cm / 67-3/4″
Box 2 – 167cm / 65-3/4″
Box 3 – 65cm / 25-9/16″
Box 4 – 23.5cm / 9-1/4″
Box 5 – 23.5cm / 9-1/4″
Box 6 – 23.5cm / 9-1/4
Package Height
Box 1 – 32cm / 12-5/8″
Box 2 – 72cm / 28-3/8″
Box 3 – 50cm / 19-11/16″
Box 4 – 15cm / 5-15/16″
Box 5 – 15cm / 5-15/16″
Box 6 – 15cm / 5-15/16″
Package Width
Box 1 – 87cm / 34-1/4″
Box 2 – 77cm / 30-5/16″
Box 3 – 20cm / 7-7/8″
Box 4 – 14cm / 5-1/2″
Box 5 – 14cm / 5-1/2″
Box 6 – 11.5cm / 4-1/2″

Package Weight
Box 1 – 62kg / 136.7lbs.
Box 2 – 92kg / 202.8lbs.
Box 3 – 7kg / 15.4lbs.
Box 4 – 23kg / 50.7lbs.
Box 5 – 23kg / 50.7lbs.
Box 6 – 18kg / 39.7lbs.



Select workout load.
Lean the top of your back against the pad and bend your knees.
Your upper legs and torso should make a V shape.
Push through your feet to extend your hips are straight up with your upper legs and torso parallel.
Hold that position for a few seconds before slowly lowering the weight down.
Maintain a smooth, controlled motion throughout exercise.
Exhale as you press, inhale as the handles return to start position.
Do not hold your breath.